Mpowering People (MP) Foundation is an international, independent non-profit organization with Dutch origin which has been created in 2003. In Nicaragua its headquarters are in the city of León. MP has a director in the Netherlands and an on-site operational and management team in Nicaragua.

Since 2015 MP has a Belgium supportgroup: "Diacachimba". Diacachimba, what means "Fantastic" in the Nicaraguan native language, is a new organisation located in Kuurne, West-Vlaanderen. The priority of the organisation is to support educative projects and to empower the entrepreneurial mindset among disadvantaged families in and around the city of León.

In the 13 years of work, MP has focused on promoting the right to the education of children, adolescents and youth in sectors excluded or at risk of exclusion from the national education system, mainly for economic reasons. Our work involves the whole process, accompanying also the parents of the children.

Geographical places where we work, are in the city of Leon, 50% in rural and 50% urban sectors; Sutiava, Adiact, El Tamarindo and Ceiba.

Our team In Nicaragua

Harrie Franssen
Harrie is the legal representative of MPowering people in Nicaragua. Harrie is a Dutch Entrepreneur, who together with his wife has set up different succesful businesses in León.
Ingrid Flores
Ingrid is the local director of Mpowering People in Nicaragua. Ingrid is our secret weapon and the backbone of all operations in all our 4 communities. She is always on the move supporting the women cooperatives, who run the project in their communities. She is their trainer, coach, social worker, right and left hand and their best friend.
Philip Vertriest
Philip is the principal of a school in Belgium who is taking a leave from his career. Philip is new to the organization and with his experience is helping MPowering People out to build up their long term vision. He is also helping out in the communities, setting up an educational track.

Our team in the Netherlands
Dorien Van Schie
Dorien is the founder of MPowering People and has worked on the field for many years. Now she is active in the Dutch wing of the organization where she is responsible for fund-raising and communication.

Our team in Belgium
Johan Bossuyt
Johan is our contact person and legal representative in Belgium

Micha Breemeersch
Micha is responsible for the administration of Diacachimba

Jan Vertriest
Jan takes care of the financial part of the belgian organization. He is also the father of Philip Vertriest, who is working from Nicaragua.

Jurgen Naessens
Jurgen is responsible for the logistics within Diacachimba

Support from volunteers and interns
Our local team regularly receives support from volunteers and interns. Our current volunteers:
Lidewij Ramon
Lidewij is a social cutural pedagogue and helps the organization with the educational program in Tamarido. She also helps the English teacher in the Adiact community with different teaching methods.

Björn Holvoet
Björn is an IT consultant and is responsible for our website. He also gives computer classes in the local school of Adiact.

If you are interested in having a volunteering experience with us, do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.