Nuestros programas


Mpowering people is active in 4 communities in the suburbs of Leon: Adiact, La Ceiba, Sutiaba, and Tamarindo.

We have different projects running to improve the economic situation of the whole family. In all our programs we stimulate the people to create and develop their own ideas into practical and realistic projects. Mpowering people plays a supporting and guiding role in it.

  1. Educative program
    We provide an educative reinforcement to children and women in these neigbourhoods.
    The women
    A lot of the women in these communities lack decent education, but want to have a proper job to earn enough money (to provide for their families). We provide an education to these women and invest in their talents so that they can run and manage a small business.
    The children
    Mpowering people also works with the children in these communities. We forsee financial support for proper education to children who's parents can't effort it: "Las becas".
    Further, we started with an educational program in Tamarindo in the weekend. Our goal is that children play and learn at the same time. It is important that children can grow in their talents and can spend their time doing meaningfull activities.
    The schools
    Mpowering people finds it important to have a good relationship with the schools in these communities. Therefore we give support where needed. This differs from lending them didactical material (workbooks, educative games, ...), to support in the classroom. Our volunteers for example are now helping with English classes in Adiact.

  3. Small business projects
    Mpowering people provide funds to a group in the communities to invest. All the principles are documented in a contract to ensure full clarity. The group has to pay the money back after one year. Mpowering people reviews regularly that the money is used in the right way. Forms are used to capture the investments, earnings, and losses. We work with 2 models:
    Basic business projects (Tamarindo and Ceiba)
    It is difficult for people in the communities to get a loan from the bank, ... and thus would be forced to take loans at enormous rates form local "sharks". Therefore Mpowering people give loans to a group of mothers in the community. This fund is used to give micro-credits with reasonable rates to other people in the community. The interest that those people pay to the mothers, is pure profit for the mothers.
    Extended business projects (Adiact and Sutiaba)
    The people want a fair opportunity to earn their own money. Therefore Mpowering people provides an initial fund to a group to invest in a business. One group, for example, is buying clothes in Managua (the capital) and selling it in their own community with 30% profit (which is still a marketable, decent price in smaller cities). The money, earned by the business, is then used to organize social activities or important neccessities. The mothers learn to spend the money for example to the education of their children.